How Many Square Feet of Vent do you Need for a Roof?

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  A roof is a very important part of any structure and needs a certain amount of vent or air to pass through it to prevent the roof from building up moisture or condensation which will cause the roof to rot prematurely,grow mold/mildew or leak water into your house in cold and mild weather. What will happen is ice will build up inside the roof when it is cold and melts when it gets mild outside. Any of these mentioned situations can be very costly to repair if not done in advance while building a roof. A good rule to follow is quite simple as you need 1 square feet for every 300 square feet of the building. You don't need to double the footage for a 2 story house as it goes by the square footage of the house no matter how many levels. Placing the vents closer to the top of the top of the roof will be more effective in removing more of the warm moist air from the roof. Be sure to "also" have vents in the soffit or eaves and note these vents are not included as the total square footage of vent mentioned earlier.    
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