How to Divide a Single Board Into Equal Sized Pieces with a Tape Measure, No Calculating

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tape measure dividing board trick

To divide a single piece of board into equal size pieces without having to use a calculator to calculate the size pieces just place a tape measure on the piece of board on an angle as in the photo. Hook one end of the tape on one edge of the board and align the other edge with the number of pieces you want represented by a chosen number on the tape. Choose a number (inch) on the tape by how many pieces you want.Mark each inch on the tape measure and that will be the exact mark to divide the board into the number of pieces you want. In the example picture I choose to divide the 3 1/2" piece of board into 4 pieces so I ended up aligning the 4" mark to the edge of the board. If you want it divided 5 pieces align the 5" mark on the edge and so on.  
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