Calculate the Amount of Material Needed to Build Basement Wood Forms

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  Estimate the average height the basement forms will be around the new building, multiply it by the total distance around the building, times 2 and add 10% equals the square feet of board needed to sheath the forms inside and out. If you will be using plywood divide the square footage by 30 and that will be the number of sheets you will need. Example 30 X 40 = 140 ft around & average 4 ft high = 140 X 4 = 560 X 2 = 1120 + 10% = 1232 square feet of board. The number of studs you will need is 1 for every 7 inches around the forms. Do so by multiplying the distance around (in feet) by 12 and divide by 7. If you need 2 rows of whalers, multiply the distance around the forms by 10 and that will be the lineal feet of  2" X  ? you will need. If 3 rows multiply by 14. Choose longer lengths for this if possible (12 feet). As for the tierods I just go with 1 for every foot of distance around the forms.  You would need 2 wedges for every tierod. Tip: Don't cut any of the studs you use for this as you can use them again to frame the walls for your new project. If you do cut any save the short pieces as they will surely will be used later for blocks, truss web members and so on. Plans to build your own wood basement forms.  
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