Estimate the Number of Bags or Yards of Cement Needed to Fill a Basement Form

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  First  thing you must do is estimate the average height around the perimeter of the basement forms. For example if half of the forms are 6 feet high and half is 4 feet then the average is 5 feet high. You then divide the wall thickness by 12 = Y , multiply Y by the average height around the basement = X and divide X by 27 equals the number of square yards you will need. To figure out the number of bags of cement you will need multiply by 6. Example:  A basement  30 by 40 ( 30 + 30 + 40 + 40 )= 140 feet around and average 4 feet high = 140 X 4 = 560, (wall thickness = 8 inches 8 divided by 12 = .666666) 560 multiplied by .66666  = 373 = divided by 27 = 13.82 yards.  Multiply  13.82 X 6 = 82 bags of cement. If you are still not sure, just send me an email and I will do it for you (for free - no strings attached). Plans to build  your own basement forms.    
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