Estimate the Number of Bags or Yards of Cement Needed to Fill Basement Footings

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  First thing to do is add all sides of the footings together as the total distance around or the perimeter of the footings. Multiply the total distance around by the width (in inches) of the footings  = Y..Divide Y by 12 = B ...... Divide the thickness of the footers by 12 = X...... Multiply B  by X = the cubic feet of cement.... Convert to square yards by dividing by 27 = A ..... Multiply A by 6 equals the number of bags of cement you will need to fill the footers with cement. Example a house 20ft by 30ft (20 + 20 + 30 + 30) = 100 feet around multiplied by 24 inches = 2400 divide by 12 = 200... (thickness 8 inches divided by 12 = .6666666) 200 by .6666 = 133..33332 cubic feet divided by 27 = 4.9382711 cubic yards of cement. The number of bags you will need is 29.626666 or 30. If anyone uses this information please email with any thing that is too hard to understand or needs to be changed as that would be very helpful to me and others to improve this blog entry. Plans to build your own footings.    
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