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  To calculate the pounds of nails needed to attach boards to a deck or patio I go with 7 Lbs of 2 1/2 " nails for every 100 square feet of the deck area. If using screws to attach the boards to the deck you will need 5 Lbs for every 100 square feet of the deck area. To calculate the pounds of 3 1/2" nails needed to nail the framing together for a deck I go with 4 Lbs for every 100 square feet of the deck area. Please note that these calculations are only estimates and may not be exact. To figure the square footage of a piece of lumber multiply the width X's thickness X's length divide by 12 and that is the square footage of that piece of lumber. Example 2" X 4" X 96" = 786 divided by 144 = 5.33333333 square feet  of board (board foot is 12" X 12" X 1"). So if lumber is selling for 50 cents per square foot that piece of  2" X 4" X 96 (8 ft) would cost $2.67. If you need to mark lengths of stock (wood) while doing finish carpentry work that are exactly the same length, just flush one end of the cut stock with one end of the stock to be cut, and then use a sharp knife to mark the other end rather than use a pencil to do this. The knife will make a more accurate mark than a pencil. If you cut melamine shelving material to make adjustable shelves for cabinets etc.. and the inside edges are a little rough from the saw cut just sand the edges a little on a 45 degree angle with a sander. This will remove the rough looking edges. You can also buy plastic edging to cover rough outside edges that are showing to make them look nicer. More tips will be added as I can find the time. Purchase a plan to make a jig to easily make 45 degree diagonal cuts on your table saw.  
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