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  If you are about to install sheets of gypsum board or drywall to finish your house, garage, cabin, cottage, shed and need to calculate the amount of materials needed to do it yourself here is how. First you will need to figure the total square footage you need to cover, the height of the walls multiplied by the total distance or feet of walls to cover equals the square footage of the walls. To figure the square footage of the ceilings just multiply the length by the width and that is the square footage of the ceiling. Do this for each room,hallway closet etc.. of your building and add it all together and just divide it by 32 and that will be the number of sheets (4' X 8') you will need. Example 135 feet of wall distance X 8' high = 1080 square feet divided by 32 = 34 - the number of sheets needed. The square footage you calculated is also equal to the square footage of plastic etc.. you will need for a vapor barrier placed inside the drywall over the wall insulation, add 10% for wastage and overlaps. To calculate the number of screws needed to install the drywall I use a rule of thumb as 1/2 pound of screws for every three sheets. To calculate the amount of pre-mixed plaster or drywall compound I also use a rule of thumb as 12 - 14 pounds per 100 square feet of area to be covered or finished (or approx. 3 sheets). To figure the amount of tape needed just average 24 per sheet.    
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