Old Vintage Blueprint Plans 1915

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Old Vintage Blueprint Plans 1915

Combination Living and Dining Room. Kitchen, Two Bedrooms, Bath, Two Closets, Porch and Stoop—Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Millwork, Hardware, Paint, Electric Bell all for small price shown above. The picture shows how skillful planning makes possible charming effects the cost figures demonstrate that attractive appearance does not make the home more expensive. To build the house right, to retain every fine feature, you must build from plans. Plans enable you to build without mistakes, and without charges for extras. They make it possible for you to know, in advance, just what the finished house will cost. Width, 24 feet; depth, 25 feet Notice that every square foot of space this bungalow is used to good advantage and yet it is not crowded nor cramped It is a complete bungalow home. Vintage Blueprint   These are free old vintage blueprints that were scanned or taken from old magazines (late 1800's - early 1900's) for you to use and not to be confused with plans I sell on this site that I have drawn myself (2006) a short while back (see below how to find these).
My Woodworking Plans and CD's Please take a look at my "woodworking/construction plans" and/or my old books on CD /DVD on this site by clicking "Do It Yourself Plans" in the black menu bar above on the very Left? You will most likely find something that is very interesting or useful to you?
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