How to Cut Veneer Plywood with no Tear out

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How to Cut Veneer Plywood with no Tear out

Ever try to cut veneer plywood across the grain and the cut product has those ugly splinters that ruins the piece of plywood so badly it is useable? Depressing isn't it? I have been building kitchen cabinets for years and this is how I do it. I found this out with much trial and error and believe me I have tied everything that really didn't work like applying tape where you will be cutting before you cut, waste of time. Lets just say you want to make a cross cut a sheet of veneer plywood on your table saw here is what you do: Set the saw blade about a 1/16 of an inch above the table just so it cuts into the veneer. Adjust your fence to cut the with of material you want to cut a pass it through the table saw so it as mentioned cuts just through the veneer. Turn of the table saw and now raise the blade so it will cut completely through the plywood and therefore the blade is above the ply. about 1/8 of an inch. Now without moving the fence, pass the ply. through the saw again so it cuts in the exact same cut again and you should have a perfect cut with no tear out. Now sand the edges a little on a 45 degree angle so the the edge can't be hooked and cause a tear out after you did it so perfectly ruining your nice work. Feel with your hand to be sure it is smooth with no splinters. Also when you sand always sand with the grain and not against as you will see the scratches if across the grain. Try this on a piece of scrap to prove this. Pretty good trick isn't it? If this "How to Cut Veneer Plywood with no Tear out?" tip works for you please leave a comment? I would appreciate that very much.Please check out my other tips by clicking the link Free Woodworking Tips, Tricks and Jigs to the right? Thanks!!  
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