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Plans How To Build Scissor Roof Truss Vaulted Ceiling.

What exactly is a Scissor Truss? The scissor roof truss gets its name from being formed like a couple of shears (scissors). Two characterizing elements of a scissor truss are: 1) the joint where the base harmonies pass (the pivot of a couple of scissors) must be solidly associated and 2) the crossbeam (top harmony) feet must arrive on the base harmonies. In the event that the base harmonies join to the under-side of the top harmonies the get together is said to be "scissor propped" as opposed to a scissor truss. Scissor roof truss don't work like scissors though as they are designed not to move and can support quite a load over a short distance. Scissor Roof Truss Are you planning on building a new house, cottage, garage, cabin or shed with a Vaulted Ceiling? Need help with building the roof yourself? If so you are in luck, these scissor roof truss plans you will save you tons of money by showing you how to custom-build your them to your own size, length, height, pitch. Yes you can Build scissor roof truss to your own specifications. Save money: build it yourself! Here's your opportunity to purchase your own plans, complete with step-by-step instructions and drawings that will show you how to make your own with plywood gusset plates (attached with 2-inch nails). These plans for scissor truss and build a vaulted ceiling are so simple, any do-it-yourselfer with basic building skills can easily build their own quite easily. That's right! If you can build a wall, you should be able to make your own scissor truss. Try it risk free today! If you are not 100% satisfied , I will promptly refund your purchase price ( including shipping costs). -no questions asked. These plans are designed to show you: .How to make these in any size or roof pitch (both inside and out). .How to calculate the dimensions for building your scissor truss. .How to make a jig or mold for making them to the exact same-size with very little effort. .How to make the angle cuts fit each joint with ease. .How to set and adjust the scissor truss for the Vaulted Ceiling. . How to adjust your walls perfectly straight before installing the scissor trusses. . How to cut the eaves on the gable ends. . The correct way to space and plumb each truss of the Vaulted Ceiling. How to completely finish your new roof for the Vaulted Ceiling. And much more! SPECIAL BONUS: If you purchase today, I'll throw in a FREE building plan, "How To Shingle A Roof"-- a $4.68 value! I'll also included FREE list of helpful tips designed to save you lots of time and money. Any plans that are sent by postal mail come with drawings and detailed text descriptions printed on paper,not on a CD or DVD! These exact same plans can also be purchased as a digital download (no shipping cost) that you can download within minute and have them on your computer to get started as soon as possible. My other Plans and CD's Please take a look at my other woodworking plans or to purchase a CD with all 18 of my construction plans from this site by clicking "Do It Yourself Plans" in the black menu bar above on the very Left?

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