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  An early 1900's house plan and as you will see here is a beautiful cozy looking gable roof house. With it's low pitch and exposed purlins, wood cedar shingle siding, and local found, river or beach rock columns with a pergola and sculptured windows, and it is really quite large at around 1500 square feet. The exterior and interior looks great but the direct line of sight from the main entry to the bathroom is it's downfall. overall a nice design. old vintage house plan
These are free old vintage blueprints that were scanned or taken from old magazines (late 1800's - early 1900's) for you to use and not to be confused with plans I sell on this site that I have drawn myself (2006) a short while back.
My Woodworking Plans and CD's Please take a look at my "woodworking/construction plans" and/or my old books on CD / DVD on this site by clicking "Do It Yourself Plans" in the black menu bar above on the very Left? You will most likely find something that is very interesting or useful to you?
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