1915 Old Bungalow House Blueprint Plan

1915 Old Bungalow House Blueprint Plan Here we see another early 1900 Victorian style house. Showing off a high...

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Early 1900s Free Old House Blueprint Plan

  Here is a larger than normal 2 story house with an odd looking roof. The roof looks like large dormers...

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Free 1908 Old House Blue Print Plan

  Yet another beautiful house in it's day with larger rooms and lots of space. the hallway takes up very...

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Old 1908 Bungalow Blueprint Plan

  A nice house with large eaves on the 2 front facing dormers. Shown with a spacious front porch and an...

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Old Vintage House Blueprint Plans 1908

  A quite large house with a beautiful layoutt. Each of it's rooms seem to connect with each other to allow...

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