Mission Sideboard Plan

Oak is the most suitable material for making this sideboard and it should be first-class stock, planed and cut to...

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Mission Shaving Stand Plan

This attractive and useful piece of mission furniture will be appreciated by the person that does his own...

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Home Made Mission Candle Stick

There are many kinds of mission candlesticks, but few of them carry out the mission design throughout. Herewith...

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Mission Library Table Plans

The mission library table, the drawings for which are here given, has been found well proportioned and of...

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Mission Style Screen Plan

The screen shown in the accompanying illustration is made of burlap and plain-sawed oak. The stock list follows:...

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Mission Style Den Table Plans

The table shown in the accompanying sketch is especially appropriate for the den; it might be used in any other...

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Mission Style Hall Tree Plans

When making the hall tree as shown in the accompanying illustration use quarter-sawed oak if possible, as this...

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Telephone Stand And Stool Plans

The stand shown in the accompanying illustration is for use with a desk telephone. The stool when not in use,...

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