15 Old Plans how to build Lathe & Accessories CD

15 Old Plans how to build Lathe & Accessories CD

15 Old Plans how to build Lathe & Accessories CD

Build a Hobby Lathe Plans
Build a Home Workshop Turret Lathe Plans
Build a Treadle Wood Lathe From Scratch
Metal Turning Lathe For Model Makers X 2
Build a Bench For A Lathe
Drill Vise Milling Unit for the Small Lathe
Metal Tooling Slide for Wood Turning Lathe
Build a Workshop Lathe Milling Attachment X 2
Build an Offset Center Lathe Attachment
Build a Tail Stock Pipe Center Plans
Build a Tap Holder Attachment Plans
Build a Live End Boring Bar and Lathe Swivel Plans

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 Note; these plans were scanned from old magazines as they were.
wood Lathewood Lathe
Small sample pages from the plans on this CD as in the pictures above!!


PLUS FREE !  Included also are 110 old vintage plans & articles that were also scanned from old magazines:
Archery equipment
Bee-keeping equipment 
Bird feeder
Wood strip canoe
Chicken brooder 
Make Your own concrete blocks
Concrete mixer
Concrete stepping
Doll House
Electric scooter
Electro magnets
How to build fences
How to make Fishing spinners
Fix fluorescent lights 
Glass cutting
Golf clubs repair 
Golf clubs repair
How to install hardwood flooring 
Gas powered helicopter 
Make a hot air engine 
Make jigsaw puzzles 
Make a  lawnmower
Mirror Making 
Mirror Re-silvering
Pantograph plans
Build picture frames 
Potters ceramics equipment
Potters kick wheel
Build a rocking-horse 
Make steam engine elbow
steam engine turbine
Build folding breakfast table
Build Sand Powered toys
Typewriter repair 
Pocket Doll House 
Watch repair 
Making Money with a hand loom
Wood Carving Duplicator 
Make Wooden clocks 
And much much more..... 


Try it risk free: get the Lathe & Accessories CD delivered to you, give it a try, then if you are not completely satisfied your payment will be refunded in full( including the shipping cost). If the CD don't work for some reason or there are any problems let me know and I will send another asap!

Facts: (so no surprises)
- Plans are burned or copied onto the CD on a store bought CD copy machine purposely bought for this purpose. Burned a standard regular CD with a label printed directly on it as in the top photo. If you would like this CD without a label just let me know or leave a note with your Payment.
- CD will be mailed in a cardboard CD mailer.
- Each plan is in PDF format.
- You will need adobe reader to view the CD which is free to download online and is already on most all computers anyway.


The price of this CD is only $5.99 plus shipping, YES only $5.99.

Shipping to Canada is $2.19.

Shipping to the USA is $3.99.

& shipping to international outside Canada and the USA is $5.99.


Will ship to Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Asia, & France.

If you would like to purchase more than one CD (I have 80 + to choose from)  I can give you a special deal price as low as $3.29 per CD with FREE shipping!!  Contact me if interested??

This is a CD and not a digital download.



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