18 How to Build a Shed house Cabin Barn Plans on SD card

18 How to Build a Shed house Cabin Barn Plans on SD card

18 How to Build a Shed house Cabin Barn Plans (collection from this site on )on Micro SD card in PDF formatt


- How To Build Your Own Wood Roof Trusses
- How To Build Your Own Size Roof Truss With Level Eave Soffits.
- How To Frame Your Own Wood Rafter Gable Roof .
- How To Build Concrete Cement Basement Footings.
- How To Build Your Own Concrete Foundation Basement Forms.
- How To Build Your Own Wood Joist Floor.
- To Show You How To Frame Exterior Wood Stud Walls.
- To Show How To Install Horizontal Vertical Vinyl Siding.
- Siding square plans.
- How to install shingles plans.
- How To Custom Build Your Own Barn Gambrel Roof.
- How To Custom Build Your Own Half Trusses On Lean To Roof.
- How To Build Your Own Wood Scissor Roof Trusses .
- How To Custom Build Your Own Wood Veranda Mono Roof Trusses.
- How to Build An Octagon Wood Garbage Storage Recyclable Box Bin.
- 3 Plans How To Build Your own Porch Deck any Size For House With Railings and Steps.


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- Plans are on A Micro SD card so check to see if you your device can take a Micro SD card before purchase? If your device can take any type of card you can purchase an adapter to use this card fairly cheaply.
- Each plan is in PDF format and merged together in one file (18 files) the exact same as any digital download.
- Each is also added in JPEG format exactly as I have these on my computer for printing that I sell as hard copies. JPEG is the most common format for almost all pictures.
- You will need adobe reader to view the these which is free to download online and is already on most all computers anyway.
- You can also print any or all of them if you like or view them on your computer.
- $70 - $90 value if sold separately.



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