25 Old Books How To Electro plate Metals CD

25 Old Books How To Electro plate Metals CD

25 Old Books How To Electro plate Metals CD

If you would like to know how to electro plate metals with Chromium, Gold, Copper, Silver, Galvanize and so on, this CD of books is just right for you.    Lots of people are interesting in doing this themselves but don't know how. 


Learn about the following subjects:  

  • Machinery used (with diagrams).
  • Electric current used and amount.
  • How to clean and polish.
  • Research done and results.
  • Tests the affects of different plating and how well it works to protect metals.
  • How to prepare metals for plating.
  • Cleaning equipment.
  • Even remedies for accidental poisoning of chemicals used for plating.


Just see the titles of each book to find out what they are about as follows.


  •  A complete treatise on the electro-deposition of metals comprising electroplating and galvanoplastic operations 1909       785 pages
  • A practical hand-book of electro-plating (1891)       96 pages
  •  A Treatise on Electro-metallurgy Embracing the Application of Electlysis to the Plating ... (1891) 409 pages
  • Black nickel plating solutions. (1921)        14 pages
  •  Effect of chromium plating on the endurance limit of steels used in aircraft (1949)     12 pages
  •  Electro-deposition of metals a practical, comprehensive work comprising electro-plating ... and processes used in every department of the art (1924)        888 pages
  •  Electro-plating made easy. The silver plater's handbook       104 pages
  •  Electro-plating, with numerous engravings and diagrams (1905)         168 pages
  •  Experimental plating of gun bores to retard erosion  (May 1960)      108 pages
  •  Modern electro plating. The principles involved in depositing gold, silver, nickel, copper, brass and other metals 1897        193 pages
  •  Nickel plating on steel by chemical reduction (1946)     4 pages
  •  Practical electroplating; a guide for the electroplater (1909)     256 pages
  • Practical plating and polishing (1897)       120 pages
  •  Protective value of nickel and chromium plating on steel (1934)      34 pages
  • Rustless iron and steel the Bower-Barff and Wells' processes. (1893)      42 pages
  • The analysis of cyanide silver-plating solutions (1931)     30 pages
  • The art of gold, silver, nickel and copper plating made easy .. (1878)      72 pages
  • The Brush electric light and electro-plating apparatus.      60 pages
  • The cleaning and electro-plating of metals (1917)     138 pages
  • The electro-platers' handbook; a practical manual for amateurs and young students in electro-metallurgy       252 pages
  • The Electro-plating and Electro-refining of Metals (1902)       782 pages
  • The polishing and plating of metals 1904        377 pages
  • The principles of electro-deposition a laboratory guide to electro-plating      413 pages
  • Throwing power in chromium plating (1930)         34 pages
  • Zinc cyanide plating solutions. (1921)      24 pages  


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Lots of info on this CD ( 504 MB).

metal plateplate Metals
Book covers from some of the books on this CD!
Note; these Ebooks were scanned and digitized from old books from the late 1800's to early 1900's. So they may not be in perfect condition, a couple of books may be a little blurry and tipped slightly?


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Facts: (so no surprises)
- Plans are burned or copied onto the CD on a store bought CD copy machine purposely bought for this purpose. Burned a standard regular CD with a label printed directly on it as in the top photo. If you would like this CD without a label just let me know or leave a note with your Payment.
- CD will be mailed in a cardboard CD mailer.
- Each plan is in PDF format.
- You will need adobe reader to view the CD which is free to download online and is already on most all computers anyway.


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