40 old Books To Make Tesla Coils Transformers on SD Micro Card

40 old Books To Make Tesla Coils Transformers on SD Micro Card

40 old Books To Make Tesla Coils Transformers on SD Micro Card

 I recently had an interest in the work and findings of a great scientist Nokia Tesla after reading an article about him. To me I see this guy as a genius.
I became so interested I started gathering books and info about his most famous invention the Tesla coil which lead me to find many other interesting subjects that is somehow connected to the Tesla coils such as Transformers Circuits Capacitors Coils Electrodes and so on. 
I became so interested I became lost in this for a few days almost as if I went back in time (which would be nice :).
I gathered as many books and as much info as possible and then added it all to a Card, and you can have this Card at a great price so you don't have to search for this stuff yourself. I did all the work for you.
Information on how these items mentioned above are manufactured, made, assembled, operated and so on.............................. how to build it yourself etc......... 
Just see the titles of each book to find out what they are about as follows.


1- A magnetically rotated electric arc air heater employing a strong magnetic field and copper electrodes    (November 1, 1963) 51 pages

2- Capacitors 115 pages

3- Characteristics and limitations of the series transformer    1912 56 pages

4- Complete Patents of Nikia Tesla (inventor of the Tesla coil)     499 pages

 5- Construction and test of a rotary transformer for direct current      (1911) 182 pages

6- Design of a 20,000 K.V.A. transformer       (1920) 130 pages

7- Design, construction, and test of a phasing transformer       (1910) 142 pages

8- Determination of ratio and angle errors in a series transformer        (1909) 172 pages

9- Electric and magnetic circuits        (1903) 404 pages —
10- Electric arcs; experiments upon arcs between different electrodes in various environments and their explanation        (1913) 230 pages

11- Electric bells and all about them        (1889) 240 pages

 12- Electrical circuits and machinery      (1923) 428 pages

13- Electronic Transformers and Circuits 376 pages

14- Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency (1892) 172 pages

15- Fundamental principles of electric and magnetic circuits (1920) 216 page
 16- Handbook Preferred Circuits Navy Aeronautical Electronic Equipment        418 pages
17- History of the Transformer      (1889) 73 pages
18- How to Read Telephone Circuit Diagrams     (1910) 268 pages
19 - Induction coils     219 pages
20-  Induction coils how to make, use, and repair them including Ruhrrikorff, Tesla, and medical coils, Roentgen radiography, wireless telegraphy, and practical information on primary and secondaryPolyphase Electric Currents and Alternate current motors     1902  289 pages
21- Principles of mercury arc rectifiers and their circuits     (1927) 256 pages 
22- Principles of transformer design     (1919) 236 pages
23- Rowland's new method for the measurement of electric absorption and hysteresis and for the detection of short circuits in coils .      .1890 140 pages

24- Small motors, transformers, electromagnets a practical presentation of design and construction data for small motors, transformers, and induction coils      (1920) 340 pages

25- The Alternate Current Transformer in Theory and Practice      (1892) 641 pages

26- The alternating current circuit with pulsating characteristics      (1911) 86 pages

27- The Alternating Current Transformer     (1903) 209 pages

28- The electric circuit       (1912) 254 pages
29- The Electrolytic Capacitor      205 pages
30- The inventions researches and writing of Nikolai Tesla, with special reference to his work in poly-phase currents and high potential lighting       (1894) 522 pages
31- The magnetic circuit       (1911) 312 pages
32- The Magnetic Circuit in Theory and Practice        (1896) 412 pages
33- The principles of the transformer; (1896) 441 pages
34- The Tesla high frequency coil, its construction and uses       (1910) 168 pages
35- The Tesla high frequency coil    1910 156 pages
36- Theory and calculation of electric circuits       (1917) 392 pages
37- Transformer Practice; Manufacture, Assembling, Connections, Operation and ...         (1913) 297 pages
38- Transformers. A treatise on the theory, construction, design, and uses of transformers, and choking coils          (1911) 417 pages
39- Transmission of power poly-phase system Tesla patents        (1893) 263 pages 

Lots of info on this Card ( 482 MB).



Note; these Ebooks were scanned and digitized from old books from the late 1800's to early 1900's. So they may not be in perfect condition, a couple of books may be a little blurry and tipped slightly?


Note; these plans were scanned from old magazines as they were.

Tesla CoilsTesla CoilsSample covers from books on this SD Micro Card as in the photos above!!

Try this Tesla Coils old books SD Micro Card risk free:

Get the Card delivered to you, give it a try, then if you are not completely satisfied your payment will be refunded in full( including the shipping cost). If the Card don't work for some reason or there are any problems let me know and I will send another asap!

Facts: (so no surprises)
- Card will be mailed as lettermail.
- Each plan is in PDF format.
- You will need adobe reader to view the books on the card which is free to download online and is already on most all computers anyway.


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This is a Card and not a digital download.

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