How to Build an AquaRod Racing Boat Plans

How to Build an AquaRod Racing Boat Plans

IF YOU are interested in having the most unique and certainly the fastest boat on the old river (or lake or bay or sound this summer) our Aquarod is the answer, What's an Aquarod? Well, it's a hotrod for the water, that's what. Say racing knit to an amateur water speed buff and you're sure to get one immediate response. Try it on an off-shore race driver and you'll hear the same thing: tunnel trail. This configuration is not only fast nothing can touch it except hydroplane designs but it also has won the admiration of boaters for its excellent handling qualities in rough waters and its overall safety.


These plans were scanned from an old magazine and converted to a convenient downloadable digital PDF file format.

Shipping is free by means of a download link that will be provided after payment and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase I will refund your payment in full.You can also contact me if you have any questions?


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