How To Build a Cabover Speed Boat Plans

How To Build a Cabover Speed Boat Plans

THE X-1 (cabover) is a boat for the man who not only wants to build a fast craft, but wants something extra to satisfy his ego. This 14' "cab over" three point hydroplane will reach speeds up to 75 mph, and its appearance is similar to some of the big Unlimited Class hydros that race for the Gold Cup. In action, the X-1 could be compared to a two-stage rocket. A racing driver friend of ours explains it this way: The first stage is like a hog wallowing as the hull is struggling to become airborne. The throttle is gradually applied until the hull breaks loose from the water. Then, in the second stage, the boat has left behind the suction that has held it to the water; it's as if brakes were suddenly released as the hydro shoots forward. The hull appears to be supported only on a fine mist, and the propeller, only partially submerged, throws back the rooster tail that's characteristic of hydros. You can use anything from a 50 hp motor to a 100 hp outboard on the X-1. With the big engine, you can expect a top speed of about 75 mph; with a special lower unit that cuts down on drag, speed will be even higher.

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