How to Build a Folding Kayak Boat Plans

How to Build a Folding Kayak Boat Plans

Plans how to build a folding Kayak.

IT'S NOT FAST, it's not roomy and you won't find many practical uses for such an outlandish craft. In fact, this center-folding kayak has only one feature to recommend it—it's fun. It's also inexpensive so you can afford to make one for every member of your family. And you can tote a whole fleet on top of your car.
Construction is unorthodox. Instead of using screws, nails or other common fasteners, you "tape" the boat together with canvas and contact cement. No metal parts are required. Built according to the specifications included here, the kayak will weigh only about 40 lbs. and will accommodate an average-sized man.
However, so long as the correct proportions are maintained, you can shrink the dimensions to turn out a midget version or increase them slightly to gain a little more leg room.
While marine plywood may be used for the side panels, exterior grade AA (or even AB) will do just as well here. Canvas can be anywhere between 14 and 18-oz. weight, but should have a tight, close weave for easy waterproofing.


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