How to Build a Grader or Scraper for Your Tractor Plans

How to Build a Grader or Scraper for Your Tractor Plans

You can make this tractor scraper easily in your farm shop at low cost for materials.

It's especially designed for moving loose soil, leveling large areas before planting, light grading, preparing fields for irrigation— any leveling or filling job where loose dirt, gravel or sand must be moved or leveled quickly at a minimum cost in labor and time.

Although shown arranged for two-man operation it can be handled by one man on occasional jobs by fitting a foot lift mechanism, which would have lift linkage designed for hand or foot operation. With minor changes this linkage can be fitted to most tractors of cultivating height and having side mounting frames.

The scraper body consists of a steel scraper blade and two hardwood boards held in place with angle-iron "cleats." This construction serves the purpose on most jobs and greatly reduces the weight, thereby making the implement easier to handle.

These plans were scanned from an old magazine and converted to a convenient downloadable digital PDF file format.

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