How to Build a Home Workshop Turret Lathe Plans

How to Build a Home Workshop Turret Lathe Plans

How to Build a Home Workshop Turret Lathe Plans

These plans are for making a pipe center lathe attachment.

While the turret lathe is essentially a tool for the production of work in large quantities, a 6-in. lathe of the type described in this article will be found exceedingly useful in the small experimental shop. With a center held in the main turret, the machine may be used as a simple engine lathe, and when a number of similar pieces are to be turned out in a hurry the work may be performed in almost as expeditious a manner as on a commercial turret lathe.

This machine was built and used by the the spindle first, then re-center and finish the outside. The nose is taper-bored to take the collets, and threaded eight threads per inch, U. S. standard, to fit the faceplates and chucks.

Most of the work of building can be done in a workshop equipped only with a vise and bench drill, with the necessary small tools, as flat cold-rolled steel is used for the ways, carriage, and other parts of that character; it will be necessary, however, to have certain things, such as the machining of the headstock and the cutting of the feed screw, done in a machine shop, but this is a small item.

These plans were scanned from an old magazine and converted to a convenient downloadable digital PDF file format.


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