How to Build a Metal Crossbow Using a Leaf Spring Plans

How to Build a Metal Crossbow Using a Leaf Spring Plans

These Popular Mechanics plans are for either a wooden, or a leaf-spring crossbow.

From the plans: "If you can't hit the bull's eye with a regular archer's bow, try one of these modern crossbows and you'll find yourself hitting hold almost every time from distances up to 60 yards. They are good for hunting too; a 160 lb steel bow will stop anything short of an elephant. Two models are described in this story, both very similar in construction except that one has a wood bow and the other a steel bow.

The steel bow does not have the silky smooth shooting action of a good wood box, and pound for pound the wood bow will out shoot it. Against this, however, the steel bow offers compactness and power, and, all things considered makes a much better crossbow.

The spring stock can be obtained from a light automobile leaf spring.


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These plans were scanned from an old magazine and converted to a convenient downloadable digital PDF file format.

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