How to Build a Mini Bike Plans

How to Build a Mini Bike Plans

Build this mini-bike in your spare time in the garage.

This little bike uses a large ATV-type tire in the rear, and therefore is suitable for off-road driving. Imagine getting around the woods quickly on the back of this scooter.

Using a small 2.5 hp engine, this project could drive around for hours on one tank of gas. It's a great hunting or scouting vehicle.

Most commonly, though, the mini-bike is fun for kids to tool around on! Check out these easy to build free mini bike plans.

For transportation across the wilds, you can't beat this mini bike. Its tiller engine sends it over rough terrain at speeds up to 10 m.p.h.—gets you to remote hunting and fishing sites ahead of your footsore companions.

An extendable rear rack takes your equipment load off your back, and carts clumsy-to-carry game back to the campsite. When this pack rack isn't needed, you just slip out the extension pipes, or just leave them in place, capping the frame-pipe ends with crutch tips to keep the extensions from working out.

These plans were scanned from an old magazine and converted to a convenient downloadable digital PDF file format.

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