How To Build a Tabu Sail Boat Plans

How To Build a Tabu Sail Boat Plans

SPEEDS of up to four times faster than conventional sailors of comparable size are possible with the Tabu. To achieve this speed, it rides over the surface instead of forcing its way through it. It performs much like the outriggers made by the Polynesian Islanders whose handmade craft often exceeded 20 mph. A 16-foot planing sailor like Tabu if purchased ready made will cost you from $1700 to $2000. The primary reason for this high. price is because there are only a few firms. who make them, and they, in turn, can charge premium dollar for their product which is the end result of their "exclusive" knowledge about what makes a planing sailor..............

Tabu sail boat plans












These plans were scanned from an old magazine and converted to a convenient downloadable digital PDF file format.

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