How To Build a Tear Drop Camper Trailer Plans

How To Build a Tear Drop Camper Trailer Plans

DO you like to go camping with your wife and kids? Or maybe you're the fellow who likes to go hunting or fishing? If you are like many others the expense of renting a camp or bungalow often makes this outdoor pleasure prohibitive. In that case you should appreciate this easy to build plywood camp trailer. It really isn't a large trailer; in fact it is smaller than the average car. Yet it has all the camping conveniences any camper would need. It is large enough for the whole family to sleep in. It has a built in kitchen, complete with water supply, icebox, food compartment, table and chairs, stove and a clothes closet. The trailer is 10 feet long x 4 feet wide x 4 feet 10 inches high. It is a perfect trailer for a man who wants to travel, or hunt and go fishing in. The trailer body is constructed entirely out of wood plywood sides with hardwood framing. It has traveled over 20,000 miles in the last couple of years, and it is just as sturdy now as the day it was built. Start construction with the axle and wheel assembly. The I beam should be 56 inches long, and be sure the ends are square. Take two uprights, l x 4 x ll inch steel plate, and the two spindles that fit the trailer wheels and trim them down to 11 inches................

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