Carpenter Vinyl Siding Square Tool Jig Plans New Invention

Carpenter Vinyl Siding Square Tool Jig Plans New Invention

Do you or will you be installing vinyl siding soon? If so keep reading. What I am offering is plans to make your own siding square to install siding easier than the regular squares on the market today. This square was invented by me (I applied for a patent on this tool) because the regular square wasn't doing a very good job. Because in order to mark a square mark on the siding you have to lay it on something to support it.

What is so great about this square? -- With one hand you can hold on to both the siding and the square at once , with out having to lay it on something for support. Use the other hand to mark a square line where you want to cut ,the square will hold the siding so it don't ply back when you apply pressure while making your mark as this is one of it's great features (Vinyl siding is very flexible). One reason why you don't need to to support the siding while marking. If you are on a scaffold you just place the square over the siding at waist height , no bending down just mark with ease.


To really explain to you how well this square really works check this out : You can use it while installing siding to hold the square onto the siding and hold onto the siding at the same time, in windy weather over your head and still make a perfect 90 degree square mark. Try that with a regular square? As they say necessity is the mother of inventions and in this case it was as I was so frustrated trying to install siding the old fashion way.

Note: As you can see in the picture I am holding both the square and the siding both at once and I even placed a 16 ounce hammer on the edge of the piece of siding and it still doesn't buckle away from the square.

I will also include free a list of tips and how too's for the DIYer . For example # stop leaky and drafty windows during installation.

# Stop siding from working it's way out of the corners.

# Install that last cut top piece of siding so that it stays in place without nails or nails showing. Nails driven through the siding will leave ugly rust stains.

# Keep the siding in a straight line as it tends to gradually drop in the middle.

# Stop that piece of siding under a window from buckling in and out or making annoying noises in the wind.

And these construction tips: build an outside wall that is straight and not wavy.

# How to build and sheath a perfectly square outside wall on the floor and tip it into place with only a very small amount of adjustment.

# 2 tips to stop nails from splitting wood.

# Something you should do so you will always have a solid area to attach curtain rods over a window.

# Stop those annoying squeaky floors.

# Stop snow from blowing into your attic in snowy regions.


This plan is included for "free" with the how to install siding plans!

You've got nothing to loose try it at no cost to you click the add to cart button ,try the square and then if you think it doesn't do a great job your money will be refunded (including the shipping cost).

You can make this tool in minutes from scrap plywood with ease! You will be saving money because the cost of the plans and the material will be cheaper than one of those speed squares that may cost you $15. Plus the time saving and the wear and tear on your back bending down all the time.


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