How To Build Concrete Footing Plans

How To Build Concrete Footing Plans

How to build concrete basement footing Plans

Footings or Footers, are generally inserted around a meter or somewhere in the vicinity into soil. One regular sort is the spread balance which comprises of strips or stack of solid (or different materials) which reach out beneath the ice line and exchange the weight from dividers and segments to the dirt or bedrock.

Another regular kind of shallow establishment is the piece on-evaluation establishment where the heaviness of the building is exchanged to the dirt through a solid section put at the surface. Chunk on-evaluation establishments can be fortified mat sections, which go from 25 cm to a few meters thick, contingent upon the measure of the building, or post-tensioned pieces, which are ordinarily no less than 20 cm for houses, and thicker for heavier structures.

These footing plans show how to build forms to pour cement into so that when it hardens or cures forms footings capable of supporting large structures on soil.


Footing plans

Planning on building a new house, shed, garage, cottage? Want to build your own concrete basement footing (s) or footers? If so,with these Build basement footing plans you will  save lots of money if you build your own wood Basement footing yourself.


This listing is your opportunity to purchase this set of step by step footing plans or instructions with drawings for you to build your own concrete basement footing by means of building wood forms around the perimeter of where your building will be (at your size) and pouring the basement footing (s) full of cement .


These basic instructions or plans are simple enough for any do it yourself-er with some construction skills to build their own wood basement footing. If you can build a wall you should be able to build your own basement footing (s).


Build a footing (s) to support a concrete basement foundation wall or block walls.


They will show how to build square concrete basement footing (4 sides) right from the ground ready to pour the cement to make a concrete basement footing.

A very helpful list of tips will be included free.


These footing plans will work for for any size house, garage,  shed, cottage, workshop, home addition etc...... you need to build. You decide your size and they will show you how to build a basement footing to that exact size.


Try these risk free:

Click the ADD TO CART button, get the footing plans delivered to you, give it a try, then if you are not completely satisfied your payment will be refunded in full( including the shipping cost).

Included is a FREE plan to make a siding square tool jig!


LOOK !!!!!I will even answer any questions you have after your purchase if you are not sure you are doing things right.I am here at all times to help you free of charge.


I also sell a plan to build the foundation basement walls on this site (go to the home page on the top left above).


All plans that are sent by postal mail come with drawings and detailed text descriptions printed on paper,not on a CD or DVD! These plans can also be purchased as a digital download (no shipping cost) that you can download within minutes and have them on your computer screen ready to use..


My other Plans and CD's

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