How To Build Truss & Frame Roofs 24 Old Books CD

How To Build Truss & Frame Roofs 24 Old Books CD

How To Build Truss & Frame Roofs 24 Old Books CD

Ever Wonder how Roofs & Trusses are built, what materials they are built from, how to design them, which material are better and how to better use them, how to frame your own Roof?  

TITLES of the books on this CD:
  1.  A study of roof trusses 1907   36 pages
  2. A treatise on roofs and bridges 1898   216 p
  3. A treatise on the application of iron on the construction of ...1888  258 p
  4. A treatise on the design and construction of roofs (1912) 470 p
  5. A treatise on the strength of bridges and roofs 1873 380 p
  6. balloon framing , mixed framing, heavy timber framing, houses, factories, bridges, barns, rinks, timber-roofs, and all other kinds of timber buildings (1909) 420 p
  7. Building construction and superintendence (1898) 316 p
  8. Design of roof trusses and mill buildings 1907 179 p
  9. Designs for roofs domes spires 282 p
  10. Elementary theory and calculation of iron bridges and roofs (1879) 428 p
  11. Graphical Analysis of Roof Trusses For the Use of Engineers, Architects and (1883) 81 p
  12. Hip and valley design, details, formulas and graphics, roofs, hoppers and pipe lines (1912] 50 p
  13. How to frame a house or House and roof framing (1914] 170 p
  14. Mechanics of the girder a treatise on bridges and roofs 1886 604 p
  15. Oxwelded roof trusses, a study of insert plate joints in fink type roof trusses 1927   78 p
  16. Roof framing made easy a practical and easily comprehended system, adapted to modern construction, for laying out and framing roofs (1903) 174 p
  17. Roof Standards (1925) 36 p
  18. Strength of beams, floors and roofs; including directions for designing and detailing roof trusses, with criticism of various forms of timber construction. 1905 237 
  19. Structural details of hip and valley rafters (1912) 90 p
  20. Tables of stresses in roof trusses 1909 254 p
  21. The design of simple roof-trusses in wood and steel. With an introduction to the elements of graphic statics (1912) 209 p
  22. Theory of transverse strains and is application in the construction of buildings............ and roof trusses with tables (1889) 652 p
  23. Treatise on mathematical and graphical roof framing (illustrated) for builders, carpenters and iron workers 1900 338 p
  24. Treatise on the theory of the construction of bridges and roofs (1883) 276 p
Note; these Ebooks were scanned and digitized from old books from the late 1800's to early 1900's. So they may not be in perfect condition, a couple of books may be a little blurry and tipped slightly?


Note; these plans were scanned from old magazines as they were.

Try it risk free: get the Old Books CD delivered to you, give it a try, then if you are not completely satisfied your payment will be refunded in full( including the shipping cost). If the CD don't work for some reason or there are any problems let me know and I will send another asap!

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Facts: (so no surprises)
- Plans are burned or copied onto the CD on a store bought CD copy machine purposely bought for this purpose. Burned a standard regular CD with a label printed directly on it as in the top photo. If you would like this CD without a label just let me know or leave a note with your Payment.
- CD will be mailed in a cardboard CD mailer.
- Each plan is in PDF format.
- You will need adobe reader to view the CD which is free to download online and is already on most all computers anyway.


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