Jig Plan to Make Diagonal Shelf Cuts On Table Saw

Jig Plan to Make Diagonal Shelf Cuts On Table Saw

Jig Plan to Make Diagonal Shelf Cuts On Table Saw

Table Saw jig

Plans to make a jig to cut diagonal cuts on a table saw.

Hi I'm Randy and this listing is for plans to make your own Diagonal shelf cutting JIG used on your TABLE SAW to easily and quickly make 45 degree diagonal miter cuts on plywood, melamine shelves etc... as in the picture to the left

Sorry I can't show a full picture of the jig as it is so simple to make you will probably figure out how to make your own without buying. So You will see in the picture the cuts that can be made with the jig only. But I will tell you this much , this JIG can be made in a matter of minutes by using a common tool to mark an outline and using a saw to make 4 cuts and it's made.

No drilling, screwing, adding strips ALL YOU NEED is a piece of plywood approx. 16" x 24" to make the JIG. Shown in the photo are the different cuts you can easily and quickly make with the jig. You can use it for building diagonal corner bookshelves or diagonal corner cabinets.

EASY TO USE: Quickly place the JIG on your TABLE SAW, drop the desired square or rectangular shelf to have 1 or more of it's corners to be cut DIAGONALLY into the JIG, with ease adjust the jig to the make the desired cut, make a pass on your TABLE SAW and you're done. A Professional in ONLY seconds.

Also included FREE are plans for you to easily make your own table saw sled to use with the Diagonal cutting cabinet builder's JIG, as the sled is used with this JIG. Cheap and easy to make in minutes from a piece of plywood aprox. 2' x 3'.

Try the jig at no cost to you! click the ADD TO CART button , get the Jig Plans to Make Diagonal Shelf Cuts On Table Saw delivered to you ! try the jig . Then if you think the jig doesn't do a really great job , your money will be refunded (including the shipping cost).

Included with this plan is :

  • FREE Plan for you to easily make a center finding jig to easily find the center of circular objects such as wheels etc..
  • FREE Plans for you to easily make a jig to transfer lines from one side to the opposite side of a bookshelf end panel , so you will know where to drive the screws to attach the shelves.
  • And a list of very helpful tips and tricks!


All plans that are sent by postal mail come with drawings and detailed text descriptions printed on paper, not on a CD or DVD!   These exact same plans can also be purchased as a digital download (no shipping cost).


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